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German, Third Reich, Luftwaffe, Sheepskin Lined Brown Leather Flying Helmet C1940

Nazi WW2 German Luftwaffe Leather flying helmet by Neumann & Zeymer

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Exhaust WW2 Bombers and Fighters Including The Spitfire And Lancaster Bomber.

Exhaust Stub from the RR Merlin Engine as used on Battle of Britain Spitfires

WW2 Dday Glider Lancaster Escape Axe Made By Elwell

Also used in D Day and other RAF aircraft during WW11

WW2 MK XIV Altimeter No 6A/685 from 1940 Spitfire or Lancaster

This altimeter measures the altitude of an airplane above a fixed level.

WW2 Sculptured Memorial Plaque for A 578 Squadron Named Flying Officer Who Died in 1944

Owen Scott MacPhillamy shot down on 13thth Aug 1944 RAAF age 21 flying a Halifax bomber