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WW1 Early Issue 1913 Pattern P13/P14 Rifle Remington Bayonet

These bayonets were made under contract by Remington Arms for the British during the First World War. The blade is

WW1 German 1916 Dated Mauser M1898/05 Butcher’s Bayonet

The bayonet is complete with its original steel scabbard and leather frog. The blade is stamped with the manufacturer’s name

WW2 German Feuerwehr Dress Dagger by Solingen

Made by Dirlam & Sohne, Solingen-Manganberg

WW2 German SS Dagger

~ WW2 German SS Dagger (With Missing Eagle) ~ The piece is of standard construction, with no markings. Useful for

WW2 Italian Fascist M.V.S.N. Leader’s Dagger

Although designed as a ceremonial dagger it was usually issued with two scabbards, one in black paint for field use

WW2 Nazi German Firemans Dress Dagger By Carl Eickhorn

WW11 Nazi German Feuerwehr dress dagger  by Solingen