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17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada

~ 17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada ~ A lovely quality tanto with one mekugi-ana and signed Michisada. Featuring a

1897 Mark 1 Type 2 Lee Metford Bayonet

Here we have a very nice and attractive Lee Metford Bayonet of the type carried by Canadian and British soldiers

18th Century Japanese Tanto Dagger

This tanto is made in the style of a katana sword. It may well be a reused tip of a

1960’s KBAR Non Military Issue Pattern Knife

~ 1960’s KBAR Non Military Issue Pattern Knife ~ The stainless steel blade has a serrated edge. The ringed wooden

19th Century Bone & Wood Knife with Scabbard

It is probably a Malayan piece. The scabbard is made of wood and bone, with floral engravings. The tip of

20th Century Jambiya Dagger

~ 20th Century Jambiya Dagger ~ The blade has a snake etched on one side. The piece is decorated with

9th Century Viking Burial Kit

The set comes from Denmark and comprises of a one hand sword with the star symbol on the pommel, a

A 17th-18th Century Parry Stiletto Maine Gauche With Antler Handle

Very Old Parry Dagger or Maine Gauche These were used in the non sword hand during sword fights in the

A 19th Century African Dagger

This is a nice example of an African dagger with its original leather scabbard. The grip of the dagger and

A 19th Century Russian Khanjali Dagger

A khanjali is a double-edged dagger (or rather a short sword) with a single off-set groove on each face of

A compact 19th century Russian/Caucasian Kinjal (Kindjal) dagger with its scabbard

The dagger has a steel handle patterned with silver inlay. The blade is blued which is also inlaid, the scabbard

A Kukri Set (With Karda & Charmak) In Leather Scabbard

The kukri knife has a dark wooden handle. The wooden handle has a circle pattern etched into the grip. The