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17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada

~ 17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada ~ A lovely quality tanto with one mekugi-ana and signed Michisada. Featuring a

1897 Mark 1 Type 2 Lee Metford Bayonet

Here we have a very nice and attractive Lee Metford Bayonet of the type carried by Canadian and British soldiers

18th Century Japanese Tanto Dagger

This tanto is made in the style of a katana sword. It may well be a reused tip of a

1920s Horn Handle Islamic Dagger with Original Leather Scabbard

Possibly from the Persian region, this dagger bears decorative markings on the curved blade. The grip is made from cow

19th Century Bone & Wood Knife with Scabbard

It is probably a Malayan piece. The scabbard is made of wood and bone, with floral engravings. The tip of

2nd World War Third Reich SS Officer’s Honour Dagger

WW2 Nazi SS-Ehrendolch and Scabbard by Gottlieb Hammesfahr

3rd Pattern Fairburn Sykes Post-War Commercial Fighting Knife And Scabbard

~ 3rd Pattern Fairburn Sykes Post-War Commercial Fighting Knife And Scabbard ~ The blade is parkerised steel, the guard is

9th Century Viking Burial Kit

The set comes from Denmark and comprises of a one hand sword with the star symbol on the pommel, a

A 17th-18th Century Parry Stiletto Maine Gauche With Antler Handle

Very Old Parry Dagger or Maine Gauche These were used in the non sword hand during sword fights in the

A 19th Century African Dagger

This is a nice example of an African dagger with its original leather scabbard. The grip of the dagger and

A 19th Century Russian Khanjali Dagger

A khanjali is a double-edged dagger (or rather a short sword) with a single off-set groove on each face of

A compact 19th century Russian/Caucasian Kinjal (Kindjal) dagger with its scabbard

The dagger has a steel handle patterned with silver inlay. The blade is blued which is also inlaid, the scabbard