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14th Century Arming Sword

Here we have a very nice example of a type XVI arming sword using Oakseshotts typology with a type I

1740s British Dragoon Flintlock Pistol

The lockplate has been heavily polished (conservation or use purposes?) and re-stamped at an earlier date with “TOWER” and “GR”

1770 British Tinder Lighter

~ 1770 British Tinder Lighter ~ The tinder lighter is interesting looking device it that was used to create fires

1777 Pattern French Dragoon Boxed Horse Pistol

Here we have a wonderful piece of early French militaria, a very early standardised pattern French military firearm. This pistol

1780’s Flintlock Pistol By John Bass Of London None Muzzleloader

The brass barrel is round with an octagonal chamber area. It is stamped on the top with ‘L-H 1156 London’

1788 Pattern Blue & Gilt Spadroon Sword And Scabbard By Osborn

~ 1788 Pattern Blue & Gilt Spadroon Sword And Scabbard By Osborn ~ A fine quality sword with a full

1788 Pattern Light Cavalry Sword

Here we have a very good quality light cavalry sword of the 1788 pattern used by the British army. The

1792 Dated EIC Flintlock Blunderbuss Muzzleloader

~ 1792 Dated EIC Flintlock Blunderbuss ~ A fine steel blunderbuss with an octogon staged barrel, ramrod and single sling

1796 Infantry Officers Blue & Gilt Spadroon and Scabbard

Here we have a blue & gilt officers Spadroon, a common form of sword from the late 18th and early

1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

Here we have one of the iconic swords of the Napoleonic conflict, the 1796 light cavalry sabre, a curved weapon

1796 Pattern Dragoon Pistol of the 3rd Dragoon Guard Dated 1808

This a very well preserved 1796 Pattern with a lockplate stamped Tower beneath the Crown and dated 1808. Also the