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1853 Martini Socket Bayonet with leather scabbard

~ 1853 Martini Socket Bayonet with leather scabbard ~ This bayonet was the common socket bayonet used by nearly every

1853 Pattern Enfield Bayonet US Export

This type of bayonet saw action at the beginning of the American Civil War, being exported by Britain along with

1855 Pattern Lancaster’s Percussion Rifle and Bayonet Muzzleloader

This is an excellent example of a Lancaster rifle and its bayonet and scabbard. In 1846 Lancaster constructed a model

1856 Pattern Named Presentation Scottish Dancing Bayonet

~ 1856 Pattern Named Presentation Scottish Dancing Bayonet ~ This is a Scottish dancing bayonet named to a G. E.

1858 Pattern Naval Snider Enfield Rifle With Circa 1860 Naval Bayonet

Here we have an Enfield 1860c naval bayonet. The rifle looks to be an 1858 pattern breach loading Enfield rifle.

1870 Dated Victorian Bandsman’s Sword

A 1870 dated Victorian British bandsman’s sword with its original scabbard. The sword has a double edge steel blade. The

1881 Dated U.S. Civil War Confederate Artillery Short Sword

The grip is made from ribbed solid brass with a small rounded pommel to the end. The crossguard has two

1897 Mark 1 Type 2 Lee Metford Bayonet

Here we have a very nice and attractive Lee Metford Bayonet of the type carried by Canadian and British soldiers

1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword With Leather Scabbard in Great Condition.

George 6th Infantry Sword and scabbard in beautiful condition.

18th Century Fine Quality Persian Flintlock Pistol

This is a superb flintlock pistol decorated in the oriental style with intricate carving to the woodwork, silver wire inlay

18th Century Flintlock Carbine Or Musketoon Muzzleloader

Here we have a very nice 18th century carbine or musketoon, from the style this is presumably a horsemans weapon

18th Century Mace From The Bundi Arsenal, Hadoti region of Rajasthan

The eight shaped flanges are attached to the head, which narrows into a large & intimidating protruding spike. The barley