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18th Century Personal Protection Flintlock Boxlock Pistol With Bayonet

Early Boxlock Cannon Barreled Brass Pistol with integral bayonet

18th Century Screwbarrell Boxlock Flintlock Muff Pistol By Anderson

18th Century Screwbarrell Boxlock Flintlock Muff Pistol By Anderson

1900 Named Wilkinson Three Bar Royal Artillery Sword

Here we have an exceptional named and attributed sword to a British Militia Artillery Regiment circa 1900. The sword is

1915 Rare WW1 Enfield SMLE III Bolt Action Sniper Rifle .303

Most of these were dismantled at the end of the war. The rifle is stamped with ‘Crown over GR ENF

1916 Dated Inert WW1 British Hales No. 20 Mk 2 Rifle Grenade

The No. 20 is similar to the No. 3 grenade, but its main difference is that it lacks the No

1918 – 1926 WW1 Imperial German Lion Head Artillery Officer’s Sword

This is a German Officers sword that would have been used as a ceremonial sword on the parade ground rather

1920s Horn Handle Islamic Dagger with Original Leather Scabbard

Possibly from the Persian region, this dagger bears decorative markings on the curved blade. The grip is made from cow

1943 DOT MG34 Machine Gun Set

This superb set is comprised of… . MG34 machine gun, the main body is by DOT with the receiver cover

1968 Deactivated Walther TP Cal 6.35 mm

The slide is stamped on the left side with “Walther TP Cal. 6,35 Ulm/Do”. The pistols serial number “008131” is

19th C South African Hardwood Knobkerrie

A traditional South African knobkerrie made of hardwood. It is carved from one piece of wood with natural colouration and

19th Century .64 Calibre Manstoper Percussion Pistol

This is a percussion pistol converted from a flintlock piece at the beginning of the Victorian age. The top of

19th Century 6 Barrel Pepperbox Percussion Revolver

Here we have a wonderful percussion cap pepperbox revolver. The piece is quite an impressive prestige item from the mid