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17th Century Executioners Axe Head

~ 17th Century Executioners Axe Head ~ A sturdy and emotive piece. ~ Condition ~ The axehead is sound but

17th Century Mortuary Sword

Here we have a delightful mortuary hilted sword typical of those used in the English civil war. The mortuary hilted

17th Century Shinto Japanese Katana Sword and Scabbard

This is a civilian Shinto period piece with a short blade and a red bamboo scabbard with a 20th century

17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada

~ 17th Century Shirasaya Tanto Signed Michisada ~ A lovely quality tanto with one mekugi-ana and signed Michisada. Featuring a

17th Century Transitional English Rapier

Here we have an absolutely beautiful weapon from one of the most interesting times in English history. This weapon was

1811 Honourabe East India Company Cavalryman’s Pistol

Here we have a truly incredible firearm, a cavalryman’s pistol made for the East India Company, of all the pistols

1824 Reissue George IV Tipstaff

Here we have a very interesting tipstaff in a wonderful preserved condition. The tipstaff has a beautiful pre 1801 British

1830 William IV Special Constable Police Truncheon

Here we have an 1830 Special Constable Police truncheon. The truncheon is made of a hardwood and has been painted

1831 Pattern Mamluke Staff Officers Sword

Here we have a mid to late Victorian 1831 Mameluke Sword for a Staff Officer of field rank (above that

1847 Brunswick Bayonet

Here we have one of the defining sword bayonets of the British armed forces, the Brunswick bayonet that emerged in

1851 Colt Navy Pattern Short Barrel Six shot Revolver, English Stamps

This is a custom made piece identified by the serial number as made around 1861-62. The previous owner said that