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Circa 1470 Venetian Arming Swor

Here we have a very interesting sword. A late medieval arming sword with what appears to be a blade very

Circa 1750 Napoleonic British Dragoons sword by Harvey

The sword has a rounded basket hilt. The grip is leather with wire binding. Both sides of the blade have

Circa 1760’s French Smallsword

Here we have a wonderful example of the extravagance and function of a civilian duelling weapon for those with the

Circa 1780 Sword Hanger

This is an 18th century sword hanger that would have clipped on to an existing belt and the chain would

Circa 1790 British Royal Naval 5 ball Hanger Sword

The sword has a faintly etched, singled edged blade which bows upwards along the top edge forming a slight curve.

Circa 1800 French First Empire Sword Stick

Here we have an absolutely incredible sword stick from the First French Empire. The cane has a small ivory or

Circa 1800 Georgian Smallsword Staff Swordstick

Here we have an incredible example of a concealed weapon from approximately the reign of King George the Third when

Circa 1800 Infantry Or Navy Style Hanger

Here we have a really rather interesting sword, these swords were used in British Service around 1800 and they are

Circa 1800, 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword

This excellent condition blade is a decent example of the 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword, this sword has very clear markings,

Circa 1810, 1796 Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre By Wooley & Co, Found In Hougoumon

Here we have an absolutely beautiful example of the 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre that was purchased by the previous owner

Circa 1860-70’s India Stores Department Cutlass

Here we have a rather interesting piece of post Mutiny British Indian history, a cutlass that dates to the latter

Circa 1892-1895 Transitional Victorian Rifleman Officers Sword

Here we have a non standard Victorian Sword from a Rifle regiment. The guard is in the gothic style used