What’s New In 2022 At Sally Antiques


Welcome to our business update where we give you the low down for 2022!

BIG things are coming in 2022 to Sally Antiques! From a new marketplace project to podcasts, being in the business of Antiques has never been more exciting! Read on to find out what we have planned for this year….

In the past two years, Sally Antiques has seen some big changes. We’ve moved our shop from the Historic Dockyard to the iconic Sally Port Inn, Old Portsmouth. We’ve created a new commerce website and listed over 7000 antiques online, adding more every day. We launched a YouTube channel and hosted our very own Antiques Fairs. Our evolution as a business is something we are very proud of.


Settling In at The Iconic Sally Port Inn

Sally Antiques moved to the current location in June 2020, (yes, that’s during the pandemic). Who would be crazy enough to up sticks and move over 20,000 antiques in the middle of a pandemic we hear you ask? We would!

That said, the Sally Port Inn has proven to be the perfect home for the business with its wealth of history, prime location and space to present our wide range of antiques over four floors.

If you haven’t visited us yet, take our virtual shop tour with Ross in a video we made last year.



Picturesque Old Portsmouth has proven to be the perfect location for Sally Antiques. 


A Marketplace to Connect Traders & Antique Enthusiasts

The biggest project by far this year will be the development of a new website and platform to connect the community of traders and collectors with each other. The Sally Antiques Marketplace will have a choice of virtual shops featuring each of our dealers and traders, where collector enthusiasts can access and find a specific dealer or item.

The Sally Antiques shop will be at the centre of this and provide a community hub along with a dedicated forum where people can exchange knowledge and connect. The relationships and resources we have accumulated in the Antiques industry will be shared and accessible through this exciting new project.



Raz and Ross filming a short video last year which featured some of our Nautical and Maritime Antiques.


Ross & Raz’s Garage

If you’ve seen some of our YouTube videos you would have noticed that Ross and Raz aren’t shy of being in front of a camera! The duo are currently working on an exciting new venture which they have named, ‘Ross & Raz’s Garage’. The new format will see podcasts, discussions on various antiques and interviews with various guests. The garage is an actual garage by the way and currently under construction…


Newsletter Coming Soon

One of the area’s Sally Antiques has been keen to launch is a mail marketing system so we can reach customers with recently listed items, features and business news. Our Social media channels have built a dedicated community of followers in the past year, but we are keen to develop this one step further with a regular newsletter.  Connecting with our loyal customers and potential ones has never been more important to us. Keep an eye on our social channels for further updates…

We’ve made a video where we talk in more detail about our business plans for this year, Head to YouTube to take a look and don’t forget to subscribe whilst you are there!

Visit our YouTube channel here.

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