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Sally Antiques launch a new community, that brings your favourite antiques to your mailbox!

At the beginning of this year, we discussed some of the exciting new things planned for 2022. One project we were keen to launch was an e-newsletter so we could connect with our customers on a regular basis. We wanted a system that would bring people’s favourite antiques straight to their mailbox. Where the content and frequency of emails is decided by them.

After drilling down on the finer details, we are very excited to announce the launch of Sally Antiques’ first newsletter! Read on to find out why this is the one newsletter you want to receive….

A newsletter where YOU control the content

With over 10,000 items our antiques appeal to a broad customer base. We appreciate that not all our antiques will appeal to all people. With this in mind, we have designed a platform that allows you to control the content you want to receive based on the preferences you select.

For example, if you want to receive updates about our decorative arts, jewellery, and militaria products you simply customise your preferences when subscribing and receive updates about these items only.


The Sally Antiques newsletter will offer a flexible approach, where you control the content you want to receive along with the frequency of emails. It’s basically spam-proof!


What content will the newsletter include?

Initially, there will be ten categories to choose from (see these below). We are planning to add more at a later stage. There will be two emails each month, one will be a customised newsletter specific to your selected preferences and the other will be a general newsletter with business updates, offers, discounts and other news.

If you’re searching for something specific or want to be alerted to new listings added to our online shop, our newsletter will do the hard work for you by bringing the antiques to you!


Here’s a breakdown of each category…


Firearms Militaria

A large collection of deactivated guns, rifles, and pistols from WWII, WWI and other notable periods / war campaigns. There’s also swords, knives, daggers and blades as well as axes, grenades and spare parts. This is a vast subject and a must for weapons enthusiasts.


Decorative Arts

This category is ideal for anyone interested in interior design ideas for home and garden but with a vintage twist. Covering era’s such as Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian and other design trends in history. There’s art deco, sculptures, mirrors, and ad signs assigned to this category.


Ceramics / Porcelain / Pottery

Japanese Vases

In this category you will find names such as Royal Doulton, Wedgewood, Clarice Cliff and Moorcroft along with other brands. Too many to mention here! We stock functional and decorative pieces, full sets to items leaning on the quirky side!


Crest / Badges /  Tompion

Here you will find ships crests, badges and tompions from various vessels. Many cover WWI and WWII but we also stock items from earlier periods and passenger shipping lines such as P&O.



Beautiful and elegant, our jewellery includes rings, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces along with full sets. There’s precious and semi -precious gemstone jewellery, stunning diamonds as well as gold, platinum, and silver jewellery.


Military Antiques and Collectables


A popular category steeped in world history, here you will find collections from WWI, WWII and other war campaigns. There’s uniforms, helmets, medals, armour, and accessories to name a few. Militaria enthusiasts will benefit from this category as we regularly replenish it with more products.


Nautical and Maritime

Nelson HMS Victory

If your passion is maritime history, then this is the category for you! Here you will find a whole host of treasures from memorabilia to Binnacles and navigational equipment. You will also find ships bells, wheels, clocks and salvage items. This is a broad subject with noteworthy antiques from Portsmouth’s fascinating maritime history and the Royal Navy.



In this category you will see famous brands such as Omega, Seiko, Longines and Rolex. There are timeless classics, military watches, and ornate pocket watches. We stock both male and female watches, with something for all tastes.


Toys and Games

Iconic toys and games from brands such as Meccano, Hornby and Dinky to name a few. There’s also toy sets, soldiers, dolls, and teddy bear’s as well as some truly vintage classics from a bygone era.


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*All our newsletters will have an opt in / opt out facility so you can unsubscribe at any time.


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