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WW2 German 1943 SS Old Spec K98 Mauser Rifle With ZF-41 Sniper Scope Bolt Action 7.92 mm

It comes with its deactivation certificate, dated 16.6.1994. The rifle has been stamped with a large amount of proof marks,

WW2 German 30mm Shell for the MK 108 Cannon

The MK 108 (Maschinenkanone—”machine cannon”) was a 30 mm caliber autocannon manufactured in Germany during World War II by Rheinmetall‑Borsig

WW2 German Air Gunner/Radio Operator Badge

The badge was a German military decoration awarded to radio operators, air gunners and mechanics (flight engineers) who were members

WW2 German Allgemeine SS NCO\’s Cap

~ WW2 German Allgemeine SS NCO’s Cap ~ An excellent example. ~ Dimensions ~ The cap is a size 68.

WW2 German Allgemeine SS Officer Visor Cap

This is a very well preserved WW2 SS Officer’s black visor cap with pink piping, indicating Mechanized Infantry Arm Corps,

WW2 German Army 3rd Army Officer’s Peaked Cap by G. Aschenneller of Munich

This is a good example of grey cloth with white piping to the welt of the crown and either side

WW2 German Army Administration 2nd Lieutenants Tunic

The uniform comes with a WW2 Iron Cross 2nd Class medal ribbon to the front and a medal bar with

WW2 German Camo “Tarnhemd” Smock

~ WW2 German Camo “Tarnhemd” Smock ~ This is an item of field uniform printed with a camouflage pattern that

WW2 German Condor Legion Tank Badge

~ WW2 German Condor Legion Tank Badge ~ An original Second World War German Condor Legion tank badge. These rare

WW2 German Eastern Front RADF Privates Death Card

WW11 Nazi German Cycle Corps Private Death Card

WW2 German Feuerwehr Dress Dagger by Solingen

Made by Dirlam & Sohne, Solingen-Manganberg