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Mid 18th Century Silver Hilted Dated English Small Sword

The slender tapering steel blade is of full hollow ground triangular cross section. The grip has been bound with silver

Miniature German Imperial Bayonet

The nickel plated hilt features a silhouette of an eagle head and at the bottom there is a quillon which

Miniature WW1 British Howitzer

The all metal engineers model of the howitzer has green and red livery and a range adjustment elevation wheel. The

Named 1827 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Dress Sword and Scabbard By Gieves

~ Named 1827 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Dress Sword and Scabbard By Gieves ~ The sword has a straight fullered

Nepalese Kukri Dagger with Two Small Accessory Knives

This Kukri dagger is a traditional Nepalese weapon, with a distinctive shape: a heavy, slightly curved and centrally enlarged, single-edged

Nepalese Snyder Enfield Rifle Single Shot .557

Here we have a Snyder Enfield, one of the most famous service rifles of the British army that had a

New Spec Gardone V.T. 7.65mm Italian Beretta Semi Automatic Pistol

The pistol has standard plastic “Beretta” emblem grips. One side of the slide is stamped ‘PIETRO BERETTA GARDONE V.T. CAL

Original 3rd Reich Brown Leather SA Dagger Side Hanger

This is a WW2 German SA dagger single hanger made of brown leather. It is fitted with steel clip with

Original WW2 Third Reich NCO’s Sword, Portepee And Scabbard By Eickhorn

This is a Second World War NCO’s parade sword. The blade has the reverse with the Eickhorn Solingen squirrel mark

Pair of 18th Century Duelling Percussion Pistols by H.W. Mortimer Of London

This is a beautifully decorated pair of circa 1790 Mortimer pistols, converted from flintlock to percussion and have rather long

Pair Of Trench Art Daggers, Dated 1914, Siege Of Namur

Here we have a delightful pair of trench art daggers made from shell fragments. The pair have been made as

Pallad WZ 83 Grenade Launcher Compatible With A Pallad None Grenade Launcher

A new specification deactivated 40mm Polish under slung, breech loaded grenade launcher by Pallad. This launcher is compatible with all